Nebraska Nitrogen Acquires Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant in Geneva, Nebraska

Rocky Mountain Resources announces the acquisition of the former Fortigen Geneva plant, located 70 miles south of Lincoln, through its subsidiary Nebraska Nitrogen. 

NE Nitro Geneva LLC (Trade Name: Nebraska Nitrogen) has acquired an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer manufacturing plant and ancillary campus assets in Geneva, Nebraska. The facility, completed in 2017, currently produces up to 36,000 tons of nitrogen-based fertilizer annually.

“Domestic nitrogen facilities are fortress assets, this chemical business intersects strategically with our industrial complex throughout the West,” said Chad Brownstein, Chairman. “The Nebraska Nitrogen team is positioned to manage a profit-driven operation from today forward. We are fortunate to acquire a significant capital asset at this point in the commodity cycle.”

The operations at the Geneva, Nebraska facility serve farmers of the Western Cornbelt, providing nitrogen-based fertilizer critical to sustaining soil fertility and crop production.

“We are dedicated to supporting the regional farming community,” said Heidi Kelly, Chief Operating Officer. “Nebraska Nitrogen is focused on implementing operational improvements on a daily basis that will maintain production reliability. We have enacted measures commensurate with our culture of performance excellence, dedicated to safety first.”

The plant, built in 2017 by Tetrad Corp, has the capacity to produce 36,000 tons of nitrogen-based fertilizer annually.