Chad Brownstein on The Rick Amato Show – Part 2

In a Grassroots Citizen Panel segment of The Rick Amato Show, Rick Amato was joined by Chad Brownstein, an energy and oil expert. The segment kicked of with Rick Amato probing on the White House’s latest issue: the Ebola-gate. The health issue has transformed into a debate between whether the government has been stepping on State’s rights.

“We need State’s rights and State’s rights on this topic are very important. We also need leadership from Washington,” Brownstein quickly emphasises the importance of both elements, stating that the government’s recent flip-flopping kind of leadership is causing more problems than it should. Brownstein also made it clear that such matter, including the decision to quarantine those who are infected should be seen as part of the State’s rights.

There seem to be a split argument regarding Hilary’s statement. All of the panellists agreed that Hilary’s statement is not something to be taken too seriously, citing ‘tough crowd’ and ‘bad research’ as reasons.